26th March , 2018

Hurt in a Car Accident and Have to Take Care of Kids?

Recovering from a car accident injury can be brutal, even if you have time and space to relax at home—as well as someone you trust to handle life’s obligations for you. For instance, maybe it hurts to sleep at night, and you need a hefty dose of Advil just to get comfortable. Or maybe the psychological pain of the accident is hard to shake—you keep reliving the moment when you least expect it, making it hard to concentrate on your job… or anything else!

But the situation gets MUCH more complicated if you also need to take care of kids while you’re healing—particularly young kids who can’t really fend for themselves.

  • Maybe there’s no one in your family or neighborhood you trust to watch after them, so you’re forcing yourself to play caretaker when you should be the one being cared for!
  • Maybe one of your kids has special needs or a health condition, and it’s actually dangerous that you’re not at your best and most alert to help them!
  • Maybe your kids ALSO got hurt in the crash, and they need medical care, too!

A Smart Solution: Southcare

The fact is that you need money for your case NOW.

You can’t afford to wait weeks or months or longer for the insurance company to get it together. You need that money to pay for medical care, so you can parent properly and prevent an already bad situation from getting worse. Fortunately, there IS an answer.

The Southcare team can work with you NOW to obtain cash ASAP from your Georgia car injury case, so you have the time, funds and wherewithal to take care of your kids.

We have a safe, trustworthy and simple process. Contact us now to access funds QUICKLY to care for your kids. We can help.