When patients express concern over being able to pay their medical expenses, you can offer a solution. At Southcare Medical Finance, we provide medical funding to injured or sick, low-income individuals while they await the conclusion of an injury lawsuit.

Our goal is to work with healthcare providers and lawyers to create a community of support around each injured patient, many of whom lack the resources and knowledge to navigate this complex process on their own.


At Southcare Medical Finance, we can also help connect your patients with a reputable personal injury attorney who will agree to take their case on a contingency basis. This can result in a life-changing settlement for an individual who would have otherwise thought himself or herself unable to obtain legal representation.


Our team will work with your team to offer the best medical funding solutions based on the specific services provided. At Southcare Medical Finance, we have a dedicated team of experts available to answer your questions and concerns. Through our medical funding program, you can provide top notch care for your patients and ensure prompt payment for your services. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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